Today, most of the men, when the children come, relaxes in every way … They neglect their health. On the contrary, you should only take care of yourself, your health, because you are giving an example to your children and have greater responsibility for yourself and your family.

I know, most of you would say to me now: Yes but how, when … every free moment I have I hardly wait to spend on a good game with my team, to stay with my family, rest, and so on. I know everything, I had  moments when I need to sleep beacuse of fatigue, or while friends were telling me something important, for dinner as long as my wife explaines something or when I read a story to the children … But at one point you get yourself together. Realize that if you do not strengthen for yourself, and then because of your family, that ship will sail from that port.

So, dads, forget about every excuse, do not be lazy and start swiming today.


  • Because you will be able to kneel in the park and tie the shoelace to child, without pain in your knee
  • You will decrease the “aureol” around the stomach, and button up the jacket, even get into the your old pants and shirts from your own wedding
  • You’ll rest your head both from work and from home, at least for a short time
  • You will be satisfied with yourself, physically and mentally
  • The woman will fall in love again with you … and maybe you would want to swim together, again 

  • You will surely accept the challenge of your business team mates, or worker sports games, without getting back pains in the first minute (or you get home by the ambulance). By swimming, you will reduce pain in the back, legs, arms, neck …
  • You will have more energy for yourself, much more patience for others (in traffic, in the store, at wokr or at home …)
  • By entering into the water, gradually you will overcome the fear of the water,  and get relaxed and calmed
  • You will at least be separated from all gadgets, digital channels, screens, … and reset your mind and body …
  • Because swimming is like writing, reading, the basic culture of life! It’s never wrong to learn how to swim, even with 50 years or more …

Have you already packed the pool rucksack?

Good for all the dads who already swam 50m.

Be persistent and swim at least once a week.

🇬🇧 Founder & CEO of Baby swimming club, head coach of Waves Swim & Sports Academy. Owner and writer on blog “Swimming Dad”.

🇷🇸 Osnivač i diretkor Baby swim club-a, glavni trener u Waves Swim & Sports Academy. Osnivač i pisac na blogu “Swimming Dad”

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