Running with coach Ponjevic has always been a great pleasure. Not only did I felt progress during each training, but he also always knew how to cope with my massive tiredness and lack of will and boosts my physical effort, it was always a great pleasure and I felt satisfied after every training. He took into account all the details, kept records of each training, and each one planned in detail, which resulted that I run my first half-marathon as a total amateur after a year and a half in 1.31h, and I believe it would be hardly possible without his skilful coaching and friendly cheers. During training, he taught me not only how to run and breathe properly, and run a certain pace, but also how to relax physically troughtout easy long runs and enjoy it. For someone who was not physically active before entering the world of running until the moment when I satisfyingly finished my first marathon, I can say that running has become not only a training and a desire but the way of life for sure, all thanks to the coach Ponjevic, who introduced me to the world of running.

Srđan Poletanović

Software Engineer

A swimming coach, able to adapt to swimmers of all stages from a very beginner to swimmers of the advanced level. Every exercise was explained professionally, supported by the demonstration of the exercise which improved the training of every swimmer. I would particularly emphasize his pedagogical approach, the calmness at work and the desire to explain each exercise a few million times if necessary without losing patience. Beside his professionalism, he is always friendly. He is communicative and likes to chat after training, even while training but for the purpose of relaxing the atmosphere and creating a nice and better working environment. He wants to get the maximum out of every training, he motivates me well even when I do not have much desire for training, so I do the training at the maximum at that moment. If I had some kind of personal problems he had offered me his help, there is always a good advise from him. If I’m not calm and focused or I can not possibly concentrate on training he will finish my sessiion rather than let something bad happens. His knowledge about training is huge but he is always hungry for more. In the end, I would say that I was honored to be trained by Jovan, and of course I would recommend him to everyone.

Lazar Milovanov

Medicine Student

I started running in September 2014, when I heard about Running Zone, I met Jovan and joined a small but very compact group of runners.I think I bounced from the group. Most because of the years, and I was the slowest of course. Jovan and the others accepted me, regardless of the differences that existed, I become one of them and they woke the young man inside me. Jovan daily devised trainings, running routes, pointing to important things in technique, breathing, but above all he is a good friend who knew how to motivate.

Results, as well as participation in the races came very quickly! Participation in 4x5km relay in Eko Mačak race, where for the first time in 30 years I was an active participant in the sporting event! Before that, I was the goalkeeper for the FM Remont pioneer team defeated by FK Borac with a score of 0-7. Shortly afterwards, the first half-marathon, 3. Recycling marathon where Jovan was with me during the entire race, and it was my first and then the fastest HM – 1.58.43!

Many will say that running is not so complicated, you just put on your snickers and you are ready to go, and as long as you are able to run and until you got bored. It’s not that simple. It’s important to know how to prepare for the activity, to properly train so that there is no overtraining and, God forbids, injuries. It is important to relax and stretch after training, if not an integral part of the training. I was lucky to learn all these things with Jovan.

The result in my case is huge. In the spring/summer of 2014 I was a “couch potato”. From the autumn of 2014 until today I have run over 20 half marathons, one marathon, lots of mountain 30+ km of race, and ultramarathon. I’m still not overly fast, but I still enjoy running and activity.

Great credit for this goes to my coach and friend Jovan Ponjevic.

Ivan Milovanović

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Upon arrival in Novi Sad, I was given a great opportunity to choose a sport I like to train. My case has never been directed as with most teenagers to go to the gym and bring my body to the intended goal. I always loved to practice swimming, I have heard from my buddy about his coach Jovan Ponjević, we have met and we agreed to hold the first training at the pool as an introduction. The purpose of getting acquainted was that the client, or in this case I, decide whether this is for me and how I like it at the first glance, the relationship with the coach. Already somewhere in the middle of the training I realized that this would be a very nice experience because Jovan was a funny guy, but above all a serious coach. We started with trainings and I as a total beginner, lost a lot in all moves, of course he was always there beside me to correct me in everything bad. Through our talks we came to his interest beside being swimming coach, and it is the triathlon, I was interested in what he recommended to me as an excellent and above all a fun sport. He offered me to start practicing running also, which I did not like in the beginning, so that after a few training I liked running even more than swimming. After that, there are more serious training that is still ongoing and my progress can be easily noticed. I knew Jovan since the end of 2017, during this period we really get to know each other quite a lot. We are not only doing trainings together but also all the other things, we have became a very good companions. I never thought I would be able to make such a contact with a coach. I’m really glad and I’m sure that I will never regret that I have such a nice experience with him that I hope to take for a long time. I had both ups and downs, but I never lost my motivation, because he was always there so that I would not fall to the spirit of sport. I would recommend to everyone this kinds of the sport, unlike other sports where everything is monotonous (stationary), Jovan and I are so full of laughing at running, swimming together and always admire when I run with him because I feel stronger and so motivated. Time passes and trainings are piling up and progress can be seen. I wrote all of this so confused because I do not know where to begin with how many nice things that happened to me since I started training, I met friends who share the same interests as me, together we progress towards the goals. In the end, I would say that everyone should at least try swimming, running or cycling with Jovan because he gives a different experience. You can learn everything and see the World with different eyes 🙂

Đorđe Nikolić

Student of mechatronics

I am more satisfied with myself since I started working with Jovan. He is professional in his work, and for a short time I have experienced feelings of change. He is very useful to me, he always answers every question and offers the best possible solution. He is there to show how it needs to be done and correct if necessary.

Nađa Balać

Student of philosophy

I know Jovan for many years, and I am very familiar with his qualities, as a man, athletes and coach. He has such a passion and dedication to sport which he brings even to me. He seriously approach to the plan of every workout, and he had the patience for every of my question. Although I started to run exclusively for recreational reasons and improvements to the general form, I did not feel less important than his other candidates with more serious goals. Progress has been noticed after a few weeks, and a better general state of the organism. I continued to work with Jovan with pleasure.

Nikola Koljaja

Master of traffic engineering

When I joined Runing Zone and coach Ponjevic, at the first training I felt the satisfaction and desire for the next. I was pleased to run in the team and together with the coach who followed our every step and movement. Although sometimes it was difficult and stressful, but on the other side every thought on the next training made me happy. During each training, we were “under the magnifying glass” of the trainer who pointed us out with the mistakes, he taught us how to properly use and apply techniques in running. Mostly, what was personally significant to me, I was proud to overcome the psychological blokade that is often prevented me from giving the maximum. The greatest advantage of running with a personal trainer such as Ponjevic is that he dedicates himself to every team member and sees every personal troubles and problems and work together with the individual to get the maximum of each of us. I still remember his advice and honesty before the first race, he motivated us throughtout every training and if I look back to each of them, each training was prepared in advance, each one different from the one before. The changing of tempo, exercise and paths certainly influenced every training to became interesting in their own way. Very soon, after only a few months, with great desire and motivation, I was ready for my first half-marathon, which I will surely remember forever. What I learned at trainings I applied, and ran half-marathon with a smile at the end. Shortly thereafter came a half-marathon in BG, where I achieved my own record (1:31h), which without a lot of preparation with the coach certainly would’t be possible. Ponjevic quickly became more than a trainer, a true friend and someone who cheered us to every success. He was authority and I remember not even allowing us to skip the training when it was snow or rain. I will remember these moments forever. I used every advice for technique learned with the trainer, even today, when I do not have the opportunity to work with Ponjevic and practice together. All the recommendations for Jovan Ponjevic, who made running become a part of my life that will never be changed.

Bojan Poletanović

PhD Civil Engineer

Jovan Ponjevic as swimming coach is skilled in dealing with people who he trains and he is able to adapt to the changes. He is extremely dedicated and ready to apply all his skills with us. He is opened and direct in communication. He is always explaining the necessity of a certain workout, even before someone asks for an explanation,he is trying to make an explanation an integral part of each exercise. All of his trainings are diffent, in order to avoid the fact that trainings do not become boring and predictable. He is creative and able to improvise, makes the trainings fun and inventive. He made an effort to get to know every one of us personally. Jovan is positive and gives the sureness and confidence that he conveys to us.

Petar Igić

Student of Software Engineering

It is a great honor to write a recommendation letter for Jovan Ponjevic. Until recently Jovan was my swimming coach, he coached me swimming (period February-June 2017) within the Academic Swimming Club Index.

About collaboration with him, I can say that he is a capable and highly communicative person, open to teamwork and cooperation, which successfully overcames all the problems and challenges that we encountered in training. In addition of being professional and dedicated to work, many of us have even become a good friend with Jovan. As a complete beginner in swimming, I must point out that Jovan had a great deal of patience in working with me, he worked gradually and systematically, and he was very tactful.

Milica Bakić

Graduated Educationalist

A friend of my (Djordje Nikolić) has recommended me his coach Jovan. At one of his trainings, I met him, explained my situation and “showed what I know” because I was a total non-swimmer. I could not swim 3 meters without sinking. Jovan saw what should be corrected and we immediately started working. Gradually I got the exercises I worked with. The most important thing was the support I received from him because I had a fear of depth and water. When Jovan was there I would have swum 1-2 lengths in the Olympic pool to gradually free myself from fear. Not only is he a professional in sports, he is also a true pedagogue. He managed to convince me that this was possible because fear was our biggest enemy, and he succeeded in doing so. I worked hard, I experienced every training as a new challenge. He would explain to me every practice during the exercise, he showed it, and said why do I need to do it. He can modify training according to capabilities of an athlete. He is always there to give advises, to support you for both swimming and some other things in life. Support is the most important thing when starting a new activity, because if there is no support you can quickly leave what you have started. I haven’t not come to that point with Jovan! I have more and more will to train, and I know that it will remain so! So people, start training with Jovan, because he is a great coach and a complete man, he knows what he is doing and how he should work !!!

My personal progress: After only 5 weeks, I began to practice in the Olympic swimming pool, until then I was in a small one in which the water is not over the shoulders. 😀

“Good, better, best … never stop and give up until your good is better, and your better gets best.” Michael Phelps

Ljubomir Vukšić

Student of Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering

Jovan is my coach for about 4 months in order to get my swimming to a higher level. I would like to swim a 1km-1,5km at once. So far I have swam independently and periodically for a couple of months, so I took part in a couple of triathlons, and I have so much struggle with that 750m. For about 4/5 years, I have not visited the pool.

At the beginning of our collaboration with Jovan he inspected my swimming ability / inability and we concluded that it is best to start from the basics. He made me a plan for the initial period and explained everything clearly and demonstrated where needed in the pool. I think he is good with his job. Trainings are interesting (as far as possible for swimming), he is always available and willing to solve some of the problems that arise in training, so my progress is fine for now.

Petar Šarić

Transport manager

To my great pleasure, I know Jovan my whole life, and I can only say positive things about him. He is one positive, happy and persevering person who never gave up on his goals, and he is able to help others to set goals and achieve them. I was a very lazy person, I told Jovan about the excess pounds and asked him for advice, he of course realized it all in a lot more seriously than I did and pushed me through all this, supported, cheered, when I fell and gave up he did not, his criticism and advice for my work have not been difficult for me because he knows how to support and push you towards the goal. After a hard period, running along with his advice became what he said – a pleasure. First of all, the results were there and running has become an integral part of my life. After some time, I had a break, but I am returning back, because his words are coming back to me and I realized that with running and his advice and positive energy I feel healthier, more in a good mood and more powerful in achieving some other life goals. Of course you can count on Jovan as a family member because he is there to listen to you and advise you on many other things that we encounter in our lives. In the end I advise everyone to meet this man and try with him what he is doing the best!

Srđan Marković

Student of economics