As a guy who is eager for some transformations and involvement i some sports, I started looking for a personal trainer who would bring my current body shape to a higher level. After some time I have found a personal trainer. I started with this slightly different way of life. The beginning, as always, was not easy, a completely different diet was on the menu, for the body it was a big change to get used to this new way of healthy eating. Initially, I was not push hard to stick to a new diet but I was gradually getting used to it. I had no idea how I should think, which food to eat, how can I prepare the food? Marko and I have been cooperating for a long time, during this period, in addition to being a good coach, he is great person who would always be there when it is necessary. I received the full explanation in the text about the food, that helped me a lot with complicated dishes, there was always an explaination how to prerare particular food. Another important thing is that in addition to some dishes, there will always be another option in case you do like that dish or you do not have all ingrediend with you. Whatever I needed, literally any detail, I send a message to Marko and he explaine me everything. I do not regret for taking this step with Mark, on the contrary, I plan to cooperate for a long time with him toward a healthier life. I recommend everyone to cooperate with Marko. It is not going to be a waste of time and money.

Đorđe Nikolić

Student of Mechatronics

Marko, what can I say, for the beginning about healthy eating. He knows a thousand and one recipe for tasty and, first of all, healthy meals. He knows exactly which foods to eat before meals, which after and in the meantime, when which food is taken and all that smoothed ?

About exercising, he is knowledgeable, he will first explain how to properly perform šarticular exercise and what its effects are, if something I can not do there he is to improvise  something that I can do instead. He has pedagogical and friendly with a practitioner. He is funny and gives iadvices for anything, whether it is about diet or exercise, or any other topic. It is very nice to cooperate with him and he wants to get a maximum potential from the person who he is training.

Lazar Milovanov

Student of Medicine

My first pregnancy was a real hell for my health and physical appearance (unfortunately). I give a birth to a healthy baby, which is the most important, but I have other consequences. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and pilistic ovaries. Such a diagnosis is bad for a woman, and especially it should not be tolerated to someone who is 25 years old. I was told that the next pregnancy would probably not come unless I was on certain therapies. Having an expert, and above all a good friend beside me, I decided to consult with him. My new, healthy regime started. And on my next visit to a doctor, I get information that I am in a different condition! Great! No therapy with pharmaceutical products! Now, when both pregnancies passed and another healthy baby was born, I still want to thank Marko and through this text to describe the difference between both.

First pregnancy: + 26kg, of which baby mass was 3.750g. Swellings all over the body. From the 5th month of pregnancy I could only wear slippers, and not of any kind.

Second pregnancy: + 10kg, of which baby’s weight is 4.500g + 3kg of water (excess water due to insulin resistance). No swellings on the body. I even managed to wear even boots in the maternity hospital.

I want once again to thank my friend for advices he gave me. Through a couple of tips and tricks. ?

Smiljana Jurišin


I met Marko before the 5,6 years ago quite accidentally on the volleybal court where we spontaneously started to gather and play volleyball. He is a great guy, a great teammate. Then, Marko and I were just kidding and talking about the need to lose some weight. And for those 5,6 years I have been at the stage where I have started while Marko has done a phenomenal transformation and now looks like a terminator. ? For pure curiosity I asked him for advice about nutrition and training, he really simplified everything and explained me how everything works. In the first month, I’ve lost a lot of weight and I can really see the results. The problem with me is that I often break the rules and the results come a little slower. Now I feel I’m more agile and I have more strength ? Marko is a great guy and a coach / nutritionist who would I recommend to anyone who wants to change appearance and live a healthier life ?

Danilo Bulatović

For a long time, I tried to change my diet but failed. When my colleague noticed my problem, told me about Marko 🙂 I was skeptical, because I thought that there was no hope for me, but fortunately I made a mistake. It was interesting for me to get a different menu every week, get new habits, and see changes on myself. Cutting off sweets was the toughest but also the best decision. I liked that Marko was always available for questions and dilemmas. He was supporting me in times of crisis. I want everyone to succeed in there own goals, and believe me, it will be easier and more interesting with Marko 🙂

Dara Gerić

Professor of mathematics

I know Marko from the athletics section of the Medical Faculty, and this already tells you everything about the reasons why I have a lot of confidence in him and his advice … None of us should trust a dentist without teeth or a nutritionist who is fat …

Enis Garipi

Doctor of medicine and an expert in the field of mitochondria

I had problems with excess pounds and high blood pressure, and, of course, I first asked Marko for help because I know him all my life. Without hesitation he agreed to help me and wrote me a diet plan. Because my work is taking me so much time and I often travel everywhere in Serbia and abroad, I ate in restaurants and bakeries, mostly fatty and heavy food. With his diet, I learned how to eat and what to eat, and preparing meals is simple and quick. In 2 months of keeping with his plan, I managed to take 10 kg and put the pressure back to normal, and after a year of proper nutrition, both weight and pressure are great, and I feel much better (I am not upset anymore, full of energy and even after 12 hours work). I would recommend anyone to choose Marko and Instant Healthy Life because they will help Your body so Your will live a healthier and in general have healthy life in easy and fun way.

Petar Crnjak

Engineer of mechatronics