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All of our work is based on the knowledge and experience about healthy nutrition and proper workout. Blog about healthy life is our passion, we do a lot to bring these topics directly to You and we want to help anyone to improve their own life the easiest way. Instant and raw informations are what we are aiming for. Stick with us, follow our blog and get more active, become more healthy and motivated. You can even follow us on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, google+ and linedin).


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Routine Bike Maintenance

We all want our bikes to last us a lifetime, but we do have to give them a little love and attention to prolong their lifespan. Staring at your bike lovingly or tucking it into your bed at night may be tempting, but it won’t do much in making it last longer....
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Battling A Nervous Stomach

Race-day nerves can play havoc with your digestive system; those butterflies can feel like they are alive, leaving no room for food. Q: I was thinking about going to a liquid pre-race meal given that I have had stomach issues, mostly due to pre-race nerves. I try to...
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Is Chocolate Milk Actually a Good Recovery Drink?

Chocolate milk has become an increasingly popular drink in sports. Does it live up to the hype? To highlight the role of carbohydrates in powering physical activity, it might help to first consider a time when the body’s fuel reserves are low: after exercise. During...
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