What is happening when you are dreaming, why some people remember their dreams more than others and whether the dreams really have some real significance – these are interesting topics for consideration.

What is happenining when we are dreaming?

Dreaming can be divided into stages, and the first is when the central nervous system is switched on. Dreaming occurs at the moment of deepest sleep when your brain experiences only delta waves. After about ninety minutes of rem-sleep, when heart rate and respiration accelerate as a result of central nervous system involvement and your brain starts receiving signals in the thalamus, and information coming from the brain base is a dream. When dreaming begins, cortisol is eradiated in large quantities, cortisol is the chemical responsible for the consolidation of memory. While dreaming, the brain also releases glycine that paralyzes the muscles and prevents you from going somewhere, self-inflicting or endangering yourself.

The human mind is able to control dreams

There are certain phases within normal dreaming and during “lucid dreaming” it is possible to actually control what will happen in your sleep, outcome, and even change the flow of sleep if you are dissatisfied with the inevitable outcome. Manipulating dreams can be fun, especially if you remember sleep, you can awake the feeling of excitement knowing that you have controlled your destiny yourself. It’s often what you dream you have seen it in the past and under these circumstances, the human mind is able to “change the course of history” while sleeping.

You can wake up to do what you dreamed of

Dreams can cause unification. Simply put, it means you can often wake up to engage in the activity you dreamed about. If you are constantly thirsty in your sleep, you can wake up to drink water, and if you are hungry in a dream, the big chances are that you will go to the fridge when you wake up.

In the dreams, the administrative language is used

One of the reasons why it is often difficult to interpret or even understand a dream lies in the fact that dreams do not use the same language as when someone is awake. The language used in dreams is directive speech and often used symbols that can be interpreted but only in the subconscious state. People become deeply fascinated by their dreams and have the need to understand them and for this reason many books on this subject of interpretation of dreams have been written. The dream you remember often consists of scenes or parts that you know, but an exhausted order that has little or no sense at all. Therefore, the more you try to understand what you have dreamed, the dream becomes more and more interesting.

In general, you do not remember dreams

You may think that some people dream more than others, and this may, in some respects, be true. However, it’s generally difficult to remember the whole dream and it’s very difficult to remember one or a few sequences that a dream is consists of. It is believed that you will only remember what you dreamed if you woke up during the sleep phase. Often people say that they are sorry that the sound of the alarm has awakened them from a great sleep, and the fact is that they would not even remember the dream if they woke up by themselves.

Sometimes we dream of something that is forbiddencovek-jede

If you are on a diet and take care of your weight, you can dream about how you are enjoying a chocolate. If you like someone in your work environment, but you are married, you can dream of that person. After this kind of sleep, a person often experiences guilt or shame. In fact, psychological disorders can even have an impact on the way someone dreams. So if you have dreamed something that is forbidden to you, do not feel guilty about it and be sure you are not the only one.

Not all people dream in colors

Not all people dream in colors. The ability to dream only in black and white dreams occurs in a third of people who reported this finding. The reason for this is still being investigated, as well as why some people dream the same dreams again. Repeated dreams are the most commonly bad dreams, such as the dream in which you have been driving, or that some kind of dear person has died, although it is actually alive. The significance of color in dreams and repetitive substances is still under investigation. One of such dreams is being explored, and many people often dream of it when a person’s sleep is running away from someone or something.

Dreaming keeps you healthy

If you are regularly awake during the sleep phase, it is said that this can have a completely negative impact on mental and physical health. Studies have shown that people who never fail to experience a dream come true because they wake up have more chances to suffer from psychotic episodes and even hallucinations. When you are deep in your sleep, your body is relieved of stress and helps you to cope with the emotional problems accumulated over the past week and this is a great way for your body to relieve stress for clearer thinking and better decisions making.

People who are blind also dream

The research has come up with some very interesting conclusions about dreams and people who have visual impairment. It was noticed that all people with sight problems are dreaming, but those who are blind from birth dreaming only in the senses of touch, sound and smell. However, it has been found that people who have lost vision after birth, can still dream visually.

Pets are also dreamingmaca-spava

Sleep patterns with animals, especially mammals, have been analyzed, and the findings are very interesting. Animals, like humans, experience different stages of sleep. Although it is not possible to ask a pet about their dreams, it is possible to watch the pet while dreaming. In fact, if your dog wakes up after hearing a noise such as a bell of a telephone or a home bell and it seems as if he was scared or behaving strangely, the chances of upsetting their dream were great.

Some great inventions are for the first time conceived in sleep

A human being first starts to dream only at the age of 3, and after this age, the human mind becomes very cautious as you sleep. Alexander Gray Bel dreamed of the phone before he invented it. Many people write interesting thoughts of sleep as soon as they wake up. Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles, says he has discovered a melody for the song “Yesterday” in his dream. The King of Horror, writer Stephen King, admits that many ideas for successful stories appeared in a dream.

Dreams allow us to look into our subconscious mind

Sigmund Freud said that dreams make us realize our desires, while Karl Jung said that dreams exist to correct the imbalance in our psyche. When you feel bad about yourself or for some personal failure, you will often experience dreams in which you achieve something and it delights you. However, when you feel happy in life , you will often dream of falling.

Source: edukacija.rs

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