Nutrition plan

  • Nutrition for healthy life and weight reduction
  • Nutrition for athletes
  • Plan for two weeks
  • One time nutrition plan 30€
  • Contact with a nutritionist – at  any time

Workout plan

  • Workout plan relative to goals
  • Plan every two-weeks
  • Contact with the coach – at any time
  • Checking progress on mutual training

Nutrition for: sportsman, weight reduction,vegetarian gluten free, special nutrition.

Nutrition plan is personalized and will help You reach Your goals of weight control and assist You to eat more healthy. Nutrition plan is different for every client and depends on many things, like clients: desirable goals, age, activity levels, current weight. Weekly personal nutrition plan will consist of the list of food (amount of food (kg/pounds), calories chart for that particular food, intake of calories per day).

Example of nutrition plan

 Fields of workout: swimming, running, cycling, triathlon, fitness.


We are offering our clients a choice of how many times per week they are going to train and which sport. All the data and details are going to be sent by E-mail in microcycles (period of 7 days). Every client will receive a different training plan with their own needs and activities fitted into their weekly schedule. We promise consistency, constant motivation, dedication, fun and all that followed with correct technics of chosen sport.

Example of training plan

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