The benefit of recreational or professional sports is in the construction of physical fitness as well as mental stability. However, intensive training phases are inconsistent with the natural physiological conditions of an organism. Training is exhausting and consequently there is increased consumption of important nutrients as well as oxidation processes that impair cell integrity. Therefore, the nutrition of athletes must be adequate and often additional supplementation with dietary preparations is necessary in order to maintain the health of the individual and thus achieve the maximum physical performance. Every person is biochemiccaly individual, and in addition to similar activities, nutritional needs are unique to each individual. It is therefore important to recognize these needs and replace them with nutrition and supplements, nyou should learn about supplementation. Is it natural or industrially produced? That’s the real question…

Today, the market is flooded with dietary supplements that are used as a dietary adds. These are mostly vitamins, minerals, energy drinks, amino acids, fat burners, fatty acids (most commonly) omega 3, omega 6, herbal preparations, etc. It is necessary to know when the preparation is used. Unfortunately, few people know exactly when to use the product, and what is even more important is the dosage (amount) of the product to use. Professional athletes and recreational players are one of the largest users of dietary preparations.

Attention: The dietary supplements are not a drug, but it does not mean that excessive ingestion can not be harmful. Therefore, be sure to consult with an expert on the use of the product.


The importance of nutritional supplements

Nature is a great source of nutrients and medical ingredients that the modern man uses very little. When talking about nutrition, we usually refer to proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Market and shop are what we often think about when we want to get food. However, nature is full of varied herbs, which are little known, and which not only make the world more beautiful, but it also represents the true risk of various nutrients and medicines that we can benefit greatly from. Almost all the energy we use for eating and living comes from the sun. In nature, there are interesting factories that can turn the energy of the sun into energy packs that a person can use. These energy packs are called “carbohydrates”. Carbohydrate plants are plants that pack solar energy through the incredible process of photosynthesis, as shown in the diagram below.


Solar Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water> Carbohydrates + Oxygen

There is another miraculous process – this time in the human body, which transforms these energy packs (carbohydrates) into energy. It is a process that we call “digestion”, which is contrary to the photosynthesis process, and is shown in the diagram below:


Carbohydrates> Energy + Carbon dioxide + Water

At least 80% of human consumption should be carbohydrates, and a maximum of 10% protein, and up to 10% fat. However, in the nutrition of an athlete, this is not enough to achieve the maximum score. An athlete is often exposed to strenuous trainings, exhausting travels, inadequate breaks, competition under unfavorable weather conditions, improper diet and other situations when it is necessary to act in a quick and adequate way. Sometimes it takes:


– improve circulation,
– to strengthen immunity,

– improve the flow of oxygen into the brain,
– to clean the liver and kidneys in order to release the organism more quickly from unnecessary secretions and to improve its functioning,
– relax and regenerate the nerves,
– quickly regenerate the injured part of the body,
– rapidly improve vision and hearing,
– for a short time, bring in larger amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins that the body seeks, etc.

And then we add some supplements to the diet – the wonderful world of medical and nutritious plants that are founded all around us, for which many think that they are there for aesthetic reasons only. The famous verse in the Bible says: “Ask the cattle,” they will teach you, or the birds of heaven. “They will tell you, or if you are interested in the land, they will teach you, and the fish will tell you abput the seas” (John 12: 7-8).


It is known that animals often find special plant species in the wild, when they have special needs in the event of injury or illness. Until a few decades ago, a large percentage of people lived in nature and they use of nutritional supplements (medical herbs) was known to many. In recent years, knowledge about it has nearly died away, as one biologist commented with the words: “We are the first generation in the history of humanity that will lose more knowledge than it will acquire. We have lost and forgot all the great knowledge of life in nature, which our ancestors accumulated over the centuries. “This post will be an attempt to revive this ancient knowledge, and together with the latest scientific research, brings important information to the sports and other audiences which can dramatically improve our health and strengthen our body, especially in the case of exposing great efforts, as in the case of athletes. In the tables on the following pages are listed some of the incredible medicinal and nutritional properties of nutritional supplements, based on medicinal herbs.


What are “nutritional supplements”?

When we say “nutritional supplements”, we often think of supplements that are sold in pharmacies in the form of mineral and vitamin tablets. Many athletes under “nutritional supplements” include various stimulating means that are legalized. When we say “natural”, we mean that plants are used only in the form in which they exist in nature, or that their preparation and processing do not disturb the relationship of nutrients and medical ingredients in them, because disturbance of this relationship would be detrimental to consumption. This practically means that we recommend that a certain part of the plant or a complete plant be consumed whole or consumed, and not only one ingredient is extracted from the plant (for example, some vitamin, mineral or other nutritional and medicinal ingredients) and that it is naturally-packaged tablets, most often with the help of artificial and harmful preparations, and consumed like that. We will explain some of the most commonly used artificial dietary supplements, which the market is flooded with, and which are used today in large quantities by athletes.

Artificial dietary supplements



The food we eat should be in the form it exists in nature. In this case, all the nutrients from the food will be balanced and will have a positive effect on our organism. In case we consume supplements in the form of vitamin and mineral tablets, we will cause major problems to our organism because vitamins and minerals in this form are unbalanced and our organism reacts to them in various adverse ways in the form of disease. For example, vitamin B (niacin) acts as a vitamin in the amounts that exist in plants. If we take it in higher doses by tablets, our body can not use the excess of that vitamin and then it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and there is  possibly additional complications are stomach cervix, diarrhea (diarrhea), altered rates of heart rates, liver disease. Taking vitamin C by the tablet may cause kidney problems, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Those who abruptly stop taking Vitamin C tablets at doses greater than 500 mg daily risk developing vitamin C deficiencies because the body becomes dependent on higher doses of vitamins, which is often noticed when washing teeth when the gums bleeding. Vitamins A, D, E and K are more difficult to remove from the body, as there are stocks in the body. A dose of 25,000 vitamin A units per day (about 5 times higher than needed) can cause a variety of problems such as liver problems, headaches, hair loss, dry skin, bone and joint pain. An excess of vitamin D can produce serious problems by obstructing the balance of calcium in the body, and can lead to accumulation of calcium in the blood that can manifest from mild symptoms to those who endanger life – from nausea, vomiting, fatigue, confusion to high blood pressure, cancellation of kidneys and even coma. Vitamin E can be poisoned in large quantities, causing problems with weakness and fatigue, as well as nausea and diarrhea. Also, taking larger amounts of one vitamin or mineral leads to a disturbance in the balance of taking and using other vitamins and minerals. For example, if we take large amounts of vitamin C day by day, our body will increase the absorption of iron, which could cause other problems. The interactions of other minerals and vitamins can cause a decrease in the absorption of these substances.

Caffeine additives

What is common to all “black drinks”, such as coffee, black tea (Russian, Georgian, etc.), Coca Cola and energy drinks (Red Bull, Ultra Energy, Monster, etc.), and chocolate that it contain at least 100 Chemical ingredients that are harmful to human health including acetaldehyde, acetic acid, ammonia, carbon disulfide, catechol, ethanol, methanol, naphthalene, phenol and hydrogen sulphide. Caffeine stimulates all parts of the cortex. The lethal dose is 10 grams, which represents an amount found in about 70 cups of coffee. Many people take a 10% lethal dose every day, and even one cup of coffee contains substances that seriously impair health. Women who drink only one cup of coffee a day are exposed to almost three times the risk of getting bladder cancer compared to women who do not drink coffee. A thirteen of the fourteen women who is drinking seven or more cups of coffee a day during pregnancy, have an abortions, fetal deaths or dead borns. Increased risk also occurs with men. Caffeine acts as a direct stimulus for the heart muscle, striving to increase urine flow by removing kidney function and directly causing the spread of blood vessels in the skin. When it comes to the heart, instead of spreading, it causes narrowing of the arteries, which is very undesirable. Caffeine also stimulates the prolonged brain that affects the respiratory center, increases the heart rate by accelerating heart rate, and complicates heart rate by increasing blood pressure, while at the same time reducing heart blood circulation. When a person drinks black tea, coffee, Coca Cola and energy drinks or eats chocolate, the entire intestinum can 1200% more efficiently absorb a substance called cyclic AMP, which produces energy. To someone it will sound great, but it’s kind of like pouring gas in the fire. In a short time, much more energy can be obtained, but health will be disturbed. The discomfort and inability of a person to concentrate are some of the symptoms that occur only a few hours after stopping caffeine intake. Caffeine only temporarily increases concentration, while the overall effect is a decrease in the ability to concentrate due to the brain and physical system disorders, and a short duration of stimulatory effect. Also, there is a decrease in memory, while working ability also decreases.



During many centuries cooks in Japan have put in their dishes a special ingredient to enhance the taste of food. It is an ingredient that is obtained from a sea grass called a kombu. In the 20th century, its main chemical component, known as “monosodium glutamate” or MSG, was isolated from this grass. Soon the production of MSG turned into a global industry that earns billions of dollars. In addition to MSG, other compounds that “improve” the taste of foods, such as “hydrolysed vegetable protein”, also contain MSG. Today, all giants of the food industry in the world add a lot of MSG to processed foods. Unfortunately, MSG is not the only known supplement in the diet to “improve the taste” that damages the nervous system, but there are many chemical compounds that have almost the same effect. How does MSG and other similar substances for “improving the taste” work? When the nerve cells come into contact with these substances, their exaggerated exacerbation occurs, and in this way to the rapid transmission of the nerve impulses. This leads to complete “exhaustion” of the nerve cells. A few hours later, these nerve cells suddenly disappear, precisely because of excessive irritation. That’s why the scientists called these compounds “excitotoxins” (excitatory, excitable, toxin-poison) or poisons.

When these discoveries came to the public, processed food manufacturers changed the name for these excitotoxins on product packaging. If the packaging of a product says it contains “natural flavors”, it means that it can contain 20-60% of MSG. This is a classic example when processed foods like to say that “they only use what comes from plants.”

As we have seen, exitotoxins stimulate receptors for taste in the tongue, thus improving the taste of every food they add to. The most well-known and most dangerous exitotoxins are artificial sweeteners composed of 40% exitotoxin aspartate, which is very harmful to the brain, and causes similar damage to the nerve cells. This excitotoxin is inserted into many dishes and drinks, and studies have shown that liquid exitotoxins are even more toxic than other forms because they absorb more quickly and are more quickly accumulated in the bloodstream.

From all of the above, we recommend  to completely avoid all products suspected of being chemically treated in any way, and this is primarily the case of all products packed in long-lasting bags, boxes and bottles. The safest sources of food and nutritional supplements are: fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and medicinal plants that are consumed fresh or processed in a familiar way so that they have not become toxic.


Protein supplements

A well balanced diet can provide enough protein for each athlete. Animal protein is considered to be quality not only containing all essential amino acids, but also because amino acids are present in larger quantities. Quinoa is a herbal food that also contains a lot of high quality protein.

In order to optimize protein intake during the daytime, we advise the intake of predominantly plant protein. In addition to the high intake of meat and other animal products, many athletes use special “protein supplements” in their diet. They believe that higher protein intake will allow faster growth of strong muscles and increased endurance. But the truth is the opposite – in the short run, a large mass of non-quality muscles, which cause of mass increase is multi-factor (not only the fact of placebo effect or the minimal effect of whey protein, but also a much greater awareness of training, nutrition, and stimulus by the CNS “Now our muscles need to be bigger and stronger” and endurance will be reduced, while the bones will become weaker and the inclination to injuries and diseases will increase! So you need to think carefully about the direction you want to go.


Universal processed additive



White sugar is a processed sugar that is simple in structure and after consumption it quickly gets into the bloodstream and gives immediate energy to the body, but in an equally harmful way as caffein based products. The best sugar for humans is sugar that is found in plants and slowly decomposes into the body and enters the bloodstream, giving energy to the body for an extended period of time.

The harmfulness of consuming white sugar is multiple, and we will only mention its negative effect on the immune system. Studies show that the ability of white blood cells weakens when we use white sugar. We can see that in people who did not take white sugar over a period of 12 hours, any white blood cells could annihilate 14 bacteria on average. If the same person was eating a quantity of 6 teaspoons of sugar, each white blood cell could only destroy 10 bacteria, and if 24 teaspoons of sugar were taken, white blood cells were so affected that they could only destroy on average of 1 bacteria.


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