How to reach your sports (fitness) goals and all that by avoiding injuries and exercising safely?

People of all ages, fitness levels and income levels are hiring personal trainers to help them meet their health and wellness goals. A trainer can help you get in shape, lose weight or give you great tips for an effective workout.

– Matt Walker, fitness specialist.

Learn how to invest in Your overall health by hiring a professionals to help You like You are doing it with some other aspects of Your life when You need proffesional help. He or she will teach You the essentials of healthy nutrition and proper workout so that one day You can help Yourself without any assistance.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

Personalised training plan and workout efficiency


If You are not educated enough to maximize Your results and minimize Your time (in race) and of course increase the efficiency of Your program then You should consider turning to a professional personal trainer. If You have to squeeze only 30 minutes of workout in Your timetable coach can solve Your problem by composing the best training with all component in it. The service of personal trainer will help You with the additional work of putting together a plan of trainings. Training plan will depend on Your desires of the sports field, goal, budget You want to spent and even a time spent with Your trainer. You can choose how many times to use personal trainer service, once a month (just for a progress control), once a week (technic progress) or more often. A personal trainer will steer You in the right direction and take care of Your fitness and health, so choosing this kind of service is a great investment for You. When You think of Your goals they need to be realistic. Doesn’t matter if it is just to get more active, loose some weight, to be at top 10 in marathon race or become a Hulk-like, goal need to be realistic, and the coach can help You with that.

Mental health is as important

Many studies have confirmed that physical exercise can help with mental health an issues related to that. For example, for depression it is recommended to exercise as the part of the treatment. Personal trainer can help people with exercise plan when they have some mental problems by motivation and by choosing the right exercises that release the most endorphins. And maybe some needs someone to lean on.

They fit into your schedule and location

No matter if You need to exercise before the work, or in late night a personal trainer will be there for You, and always available. He or she know that different people have different timetable so he/she will make appointment just to suit Your needs. Not all of us are born to like the atmosphere of the crowded gym, where You need to wait in line for a specific machine. The great benefit of having a personal trainer is that You are not limited with location. And if Your trainer has some equipment then it is a great deal. The training can be done in the nearby park, another gym even at Your own home yard, it all depends on the agreement.

Stay injury free

It takes time to learn proper movement and techniques of every exercise. The main purpose is to get educated by trainer to prevent pain of any part of Your body. Exercising in safe way is the first and the most important rule for You to stay healthy.

Constant motivation

For some the great motivation is just to have someone by their side, for others is to get advantage of the money spent, and there are the ones who are giving their best in presence of others, especially their own coach. When filling discouraged a personal trainer can have a great impact on us. He or she know how to motivate, what and when to say to get the maximum out of us. A trainer can challenge You more then we can do it on our own. A good coach will bring a fresh and new ideas and challenge our mind and body, and make You enjoy new exercises and introduce You to new equipment as part of Your program.

Attention and habits

Everyone have a different body, and same exercises do not bring the same results to two individuals. Personal trainer will modify workout to Your body mechanics, experience, goals, fitness level. It is important to share with him/her Your opinion and to tell what You like or dislike. You need to guide trainer to fulfill Your needs, do not expect form coach to discover on his/her own what do You think, he/she doesn’t has that kind of power. Talk over the training program, make it fits to You and make it Your habit and You’ll be able to see the results. It can take weeks to form good habits, and even longer to break bad ones – it is hart to make changes on our own, having a personal trainer is like having another You to help You with these quests and encourage You to head in the right direction.

Personal coach IS Your therapist


Lets be direct, most people when exercise with personal trainer will tell them a lot about their life in general. How was their week, how’s work, some will talk about family. Yes, the main purpose of the personal trainer is to help You with Your overall health, but they can improve Your wellbeing. They care If You are under the stress from work, or You are happy for some good reason because they can put some little changes in Your training and make it more suitable for the mood You are in. To sum it up, a personal trainer is an unofficial therapist.


Consistency and accountability


Consistency is one of the most challenging processes in our life. To be consistent You need to overcome all the excuses and obstacles in Your mind and get focused on the goal. It is almost impossible to skip the workout just because You are bored or You are sleepy when You know that someone is waiting for You at the gym, that’s how it make You accountable. Building an urge to stick with Your program will make You more reasonable person.

Specific training

You are able to choose the area of workout You are interested in! Do you want to run a marathon or to work in gym, maybe to learn to swim or do the triathlon? All that is possible with a good choice of personal trainer. Like he or she is capable of making improvements on your running, motoric, swimming, ball games skills he/she is capable of reducing the chances of injuries during the training or races!

Forget about medical conditions while training

Some people are scared to workout because they have some chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, asthma. Working out can be beneficial for managing or even preventing many illnesses. A knowledgeable trainer with experience will help You to overcome this medical conditions by additional precautions. If You have any medical conditions or any limitations (back pain, knee and ankle injury) trainer will design and customize exercises just for Your needs and abilities.

It is fun

A savvy personal trainer can make exercising enjoyable and effective, believe it or not! Remember that working out does not necessarily needs to be hard and demotivating. It is even more interesting and enjoyable when You build the bond with Your trainer, this part of Your life gets even more satisfying.

Building Your courage

Boost Your ego during workouts, buildup Your self-confidence and self-efficacy, all that can help You get more motivated and stick more to training program for a long term. Personal trainer will build Your confidence and You will perform exercises like You are proffesional. He or she will explain You how to use machines. After some time You will perceive the facility as Your own home.

Definition (clarity) of the workout process

Process of any type of workout is confusing. Many information and number of items to process. What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? Is it better to do an interval training or cardio one? Which exercises to do? Trainer is knowledgeable to help You to get through all the processes and to reach Your goals.

Nowadays a huge number of individuals are ‘selling health’ and coaching services, the market place of this kind of service is big, so we hope that You have read carefully through our advices and that You will choose wisely who are You ‘giving’ Your health to.

🇬🇧 Former member of Serbia Swimming Team and current member of Serbia Triathlon Team, engineer and sports lover.

🇷🇸 Bivši član reprezentacije Srbije u plivanju i reprezentativac Srbije u triatlonu, inženjer i zaljubljenik u sport.

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