Doing sports at any age, especially later in the life, is beneficial for Your general health. Everyone now and then needs breakaway from the every day. You have to find what attracts You and try it out. It could be just a hobby at first until You gain a routine, and if You really like it the next step it making a habit out of it.

It is a fact that sports reduces:

STRESS LEVELS – Release the stress by going to Your favorite training. Forget about all the bad things that took the place throughout the day and bring the positive attitude with You.

STRONGER IMMUNITY – The immunity of the body gets more stronger due to sports. While exercising the white blood cells rate significantly increases. Sweat is a product of toxins which are released while doing sports.

STRONGER BONES – Strengthen Your bone density while working out. Osteoporosis is a result of decreased bone density.

LOWER HYPERTENSION – A high blood pressure may result in a stroke or heart disease. So, it is absolutely necessary to control hypertension.

HEART FUNCTIONS – The heart builds up as a muscle, it increases in size and gets more power to pump the blood. When You train malfunctioning of this muscle is just a chance.

BLOOD CIRCULATION – It simply gets better when You start doing sports. The body gets oxygenated and the hemoglobin levels increases.

CHOLESTEROL LEVELS – Maintain lower levers of bad cholesterol. Some researches have shown that athletes have the good cholesterol levels in comparison to non-active people who have high levels of bad cholesterol.

DIABETES – When playing sports insulin is taking place. People with this kind of problems can benefit from activity by the present of insulin in their body. Sport reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

MUSCLES – Sport is the best form of workout for muscles. Endurance of the muscles is increased, muscle tonus is desirable, body in general gets more stronger.

WEIGHT CONTROL – While exercising any kind of sport we burn calories and fats which leads us to the conclusion that people who are doing sports and eating healthy do not have weight problems, and they tend to be more leaner an fitter.

Keep that in mind when You think of how to approach Yourself to a desire toward the workout.

You as an adult have to have in mind that You have some PREJUDICE about working out. You have to break the stereotypes and mental shortcuts and expose Yourself to workouts. Getting active is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, You maybe do not have a body of a teenager but You CAN still have the heart bigger then they have, build up Your spirit and jump in this ‘new (old) world’. Do not get fooled by Your stubborn ego, free Yourself and enjoy Your life the fullest. Like You don’t care about others they don’t care about You – it’s true!

Being CONSERVATIVE is one of the main characteristics of adults. All adults have already long time ago made some routines in lives which they stick to. Since these routines have been transformed into a habits it is hard not to follow them anymore. If You find Yourself in front of TV for years back it is hard to leave a comfort of the favorite room and go for a training. To change them (bad habits) it requires a lot of energy and effort, and persistence of course.

FEAR OF CHANGES is expressive with adults. What drives a human behavior? It’s our need to be right and accurate all the time. That’s where the difficulty lies. Nobody likes to admit that they were wrong, but if the thing You are doing doesn’t bring the results You have to admit that something is wrong, or You are doing it wrong or it’s not right thing for You. That’s the main reason why adults resist to any changes. Psychological impact is so strong especially when it is present for a long time.

Get active and do any sport You like. Try to have proper workouts and to eat healthy. Become a better You. Take our advice in consideration and try it for Yourself, we are sure that You wont regret it.

Nevena Radenković

🇬🇧 Economist, nature lover, passionate traveler and bookworm.

🇷🇸 Ekonomista, zaljubljenik u prirodu, strastveni putnik i knjiški moljac.

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